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Statement from County Councillor Peter Fox, Leader of the Council


Estyn's report into Local Government Education Services in Monmouthshire County Council pdf icon PDF 225 KB

Division/Wards Affected: All


Purpose: The purpose of this report is to provide an update to members on the outcomes of the recently published Estyn inspection report and the actions planned to address its recommendations.


Author: Will McLean


Contact Details:

Additional documents:


That Cabinet:


i) Receive the report, published on the 21st April 2020.

ii) Note the areas of strength and recommendations contained within the report

iii) Agree the proposed timelines and approaches to address the report’s



Covid 19 Decision Making pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Division/Wards Affected: All


Purpose: This report is submitted to update Cabinet on the impact on decision making that the Covid 19 (CV19) period has had within the Council and identify next steps.


Author: Matt Phillips


Contact Details:


To note that the Constitution provides authority, in certain circumstances, for decisions that would normally require Council or Executive approval, to be made by the Chief Executive, Chief Officers or Statutory Officers. No such decisions have had to be taken during the CV19 period.


That MCC will continue to develop its ability to host meetings remotely with a view to holding a Full Council Meeting. Further legislative work may be required to permit the decision making bodies of the Planning Committee and Licensing and Regulatory Committees to function again and, as business finds an equilibrium in the CV19 period allowing routine work and decision making to return, the scrutiny functions of the Select Committees will return accordingly. The AGM may take place at any time in 2020 and all Members holding positions as Chairs, Vice-Chairs, appointed to bodies, joint committees and other such positions may continue to hold them until 30 April 2021.


Coronavirus Response: Strategic Aims pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Division/Wards Affected: All


Purpose: To provide Cabinet with an overview of the strategic aims that will be in place for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Author: Matthew Gatehouse, Head of Policy and Governance


Contact Details:


To recognise that there is a trade-off between the need to preserve life and stop the spread of the virus and the achievement of the goals set within the Corporate Plan.


To approve the strategic aims shown in paragraph 3.2.


Coronavirus Response: Risk Management pdf icon PDF 735 KB

Division/Wards Affected: All


Purpose:  To provide Cabinet with an overview of the arrangements the Council has in place to identify, manage and mitigate risks in response to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic.


To provide Cabinet with an overview of the current high and medium level risks the Council is managing related to the Coronavirus response.


Author: Frances O’Brien, Chief Officer for Enterprise


Contact Details:



That Cabinet endorse the arrangements the Council has in place and risks that are being managed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.