Meeting attendance

Monday, 4th March, 2024 2.00 pm, Wye Valley AONB Joint Advisory Committee

Venue:   The Council Chamber, Forest of Dean District Council Offices, High Street, Coleford, GL16 8HG

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
County Councillor Emma Bryn Committee Member Present
County Councillor Steven Garratt Committee Member Apologies
County Councillor Dale Rooke Committee Member Present
County Councillor Ann Webb Committee Member Apologies
Graham Biggs Committee Member Expected
Ed O'Driscoll Committee Member Apologies
Barry Durkin Committee Member Expected
Simeon Cole Committee Member Present
David Wheeler Committee Member Apologies
Chris McFarling Committee Member Present
Terry Hale Committee Member Present
Graham Morgan Committee Member Apologies
Colin Evers Committee Member Present
Bridget Vine Committee Member Present
Rita Edwards Committee Member Apologies
Ashley Thomas Committee Member Present
Ben Nash Committee Member Apologies
Helen Dale Committee Member Expected
Matthew Price Committee Member Apologies
Chris Barron Committee Member Present
Robert Hesketh Committee Member Expected
Arthur Lee Committee Member Expected
Rebecca Clay Committee Member Apologies
Helen O'Kane Committee Member Expected
Claire Spicer Committee Member Expected
David Price Committee Member Expected
Sid Phelps Committee Member Expected
Andrew Blake Officer In attendance
Ruth Waycott Officer Expected
Nigel Gibbons Officer Expected
Robert Niblett Officer Apologies
Amartya Deb Officer In attendance
James Bisset Officer Expected
Angela Newey Officer Expected
Elizabeth Duberley Officer Expected
Matthew Lewis (Countryside) Officer In attendance
Emma Johnson Officer Expected
Ioan Williams Officer Expected
Kevin Stannard Officer Expected
John Evans Officer Expected
Martin Quine Officer Expected
Emma Whitehouse Officer Apologies
Tim Brown Officer Expected
Richard Williams Officer In attendance
John Pearson Officer Expected
Nicola Perry Officer Expected
Wendy Barnard Officer Expected
Amy Gullick Officer Expected
Alison Jones Officer Expected
Rachel Keeble Officer Expected
Paul Matthews Officer Expected
Will McLean Officer Expected
Peter Davies Officer Expected
Frances O'Brien Officer Expected
Jane Rodgers Officer Expected
Adam Fall Officer Expected
Joanne Chase Officer Expected
James Williams Officer Expected