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Save Our Green Open Areas

We the undersigned petition the Monmouthshire County Council to acknowledge the result of the scrutiny committee and to withdraw the proposals to develop both the Langley Close and Dancing Hill sites due to their unsuitability and the further loss of the limited remaining ecologically rich green areas within our village and community.

Monmouthshire County Council is proposing to develop two sites at Langley Close and Dancing Hill. This not only risks significant harm to wildlife, biodiversity and ecology in an area already hugely overdeveloped village but also causes even greater detrimental impact at the further loss of already limited green space. This further development appears to contradict Section 6 of the Environment Act (Wales) 2016 that requires public authorities to seek to promote the resilience of ecosystems. This means that Monmouthshire County Council must take a pro-active approach to improve and not reduce biodiversity when carrying out functions.

Started by: Russell Poultney

This E-Petition to Monmouthshire County Council ran from 17/08/2023 to 06/10/2023 and has now finished.

1256 people signed this E-Petition to Monmouthshire County Council.