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Cyhoeddwyd y penderfyniadau
Teitl Dyddiad Yn effeithiol o Eitemau a alwyd i mewn
Coronavirus Response: Risk Management ref: 70306/05/202006/05/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
SRS TACTICAL PLAN AND FUTURE DATA HOSTING ARRANGEMENTS ref: 69104/03/202004/03/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
OUTDOOR EDUCATION - SERVICE UPDATE ref: 68519/02/202019/02/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
WELSH CHURCH FUND WORKING GROUP ref: 68819/02/202019/02/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
2020/21 EDUCATION AND WELSH CHURCH TRUST FUNDS INVESTMENT AND FUND STRATEGIES ref: 68719/02/202019/02/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
PROPOSED CHANGES SCHOOLS FUNDING FORMULA ref: 68619/02/202019/02/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn
ARCHAEOLOGY IN PLANNING, PLANNING ADVICE ref: 71108/07/202008/07/2020Nid i'w alw i mewn