Issue - decisions

Test 3

20/01/2021 - Fixed Play Assessments and Future Action

Subject to consultation, the council


Rationalises the number of fixed play areas in the county and re-provisions

those that are recommended for closure the opportunities for rationalisation are more likely to occur in the four main settlements;


Replaces the current Fields in Trust (FiT) classification in favour of a two-tier

classification of Neighbourhood and Doorstep Play Areas and that this is used to rationalise the number of urban-based play areas in the four main towns;


Uses this revised classification when assessing layout plans for new residential developments in the county;


Carries out a rationalisation of fixed play provision in the town of Monmouth as an initial pilot, which can then be rolled out to the other main settlements;.


In future moves towards the provision of play equipment constructed of more

natural materials such as sustainable hardwoods (e.g. robinia), with a greater

proportion of accessible equipment.