Committee details

Adults Select Committee

Purpose of committee

Adults Select Committee ensures that services are relevant and responsive to the needs of adults, protect and promote health and well-being, including amongst others the following relevant areas:


  • Safeguarding Adults, including Mental Health services and Disability services.
  • Adult Social Care, including Domiciliary Care, Residential Care, Nursing Home Care, Community Care, Occupational Therapy, Re-ablement, Assistive Technology, Community Meals Service, Sensory Impairment Services.
  • Support to Families and Carers, including Respite and Short Breaks.
  • Adult Education, including Learning Disability Services.
  • Integrated Adults Services with Health Partners.
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.
  • Protecting and supporting vulnerable Adults.
  • “Transition agenda” from young people to Adults.
  • Protecting vulnerable Adults (POVA) and Supporting People.
  • Homelessness prevention.
  • Domestic Violence Service, Drug and Alcohol Services.
  • Public health and wellbeing promotion through Single Integrated Plan.
  • Leisure services in terms of health outcomes.
  • Welfare Rights.
  • Community Legal Service.



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services.

Phone: 01633 644219