Committee details

Strong Communities Select Committee

Purpose of committee

Strong Communities Select ensure they are responsive to the needs of residents, promoting their safety and well-being.  Key roles for this committee are:


  • To ensure the Council supports the development of new and sustainable communities and supports the resilience of existing communities through Local area co-ordination.
  • To review and improve the Council’s links with the Voluntary Sector.
  • To scrutinise the delivery of the Single Integrated Plan, allocating specific scrutiny areas to other select committees where appropriate.
  • To scrutinise key services provided in partnership to local communities to ensure effective multi-agency action is delivered, including amongst others:

o   Infrastructure and networks.

o   Highways (including SWTRA), Transport and Traffic Management.    

o   Street Lighting.

o   Waste Management.

o   Community Safety.

o   Estates and Sustainability.

o   Facilities and Accommodation Management.

o   Citizen Engagement.

o   Community Safety.

o   Chief Executive Function.

o   Revenues, Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates and Finance.

o   Corporate Costs / Levies.

o   Appropriations (including external debt costs from earmarked reserves, costs resulting from fixed asset disposal).

o   Financing (including core funding from WG, council tax income).



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services.

Phone: 01633 644219