Committee details

Children and Young People Select Committee

Purpose of committee

Children & Young People Select ensure services are relevant and responsive to the needs of young people, protecting and promoting their health and well-being, including amongst others the following relevant areas:


  • Safeguarding Children, including social care and health, services for vulnerable children and families, Child Protection, Children in Public Care, Home Finding, Family Centres and Aids & Adaptations for disabled children.
  • Youth Justice and youth offending service.
  • Youth clubs and leisure facilities for young people.
  • Special Support Services, Pupil Support Services.
  • Education, including School Performance Management, Resource Management, Management, Governor Support, Health & Safety, Financial and ICT Services, School Planning, Transport, Admissions, Student Grants and School Meals.
  • Management of Individual Schools Budgets, Schools Delegated Budgets, the Authority’s Schools Individually Managed Budgets.



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services.

Phone: 01633 644219