Agenda item

Progress report by Team Abergavenny


We received a presentation by Team Abergavenny regarding Abergavenny Public Realm Improvements - Phase 3.  In doing so, the following points were noted:


·         There is an opportunity to improve the setting of the Cenotaph for the next 100 years.


·         Seeking to improve the final part of Frogmore Street Public Realm.


·         The contractor is on site for the Public Realm and therefore has the capacity and appropriate machinery to re-position the Cenotaph.


·         A dignified setting for the Cenotaph has been lost.


·         The war memorials located within the town hall are a part of the town’s history.  With the refurbishment of the town hall, one of the war memorials will require relocation.  The two war memorials could therefore be relocated to a new site with the Cenotaph.


·         A larger civic space could be created by relocating the Cenotaph.


·         Four options for the relocation of the Cenotaph were outlined by Team Abergavenny:


1.    Leave the Cenotaph in its current position.


2.    Improve the setting by relocating the Cenotaph in Frogmore Street.


3.    Create a new Drill Hall Square location for the Cenotaph on Baker Street.


4.    Locate the Cenotaph at the southern end of the existing refurbished St. John’s Square.


·         Monmouthshire County Council is the landholder for all four sites. However, there was some doubt as to whether it was the asset holder for the sites.  This matter would need to be investigated.


Having received the presentation, the following points were noted:


·         Parking controls such as bollards might be required on Frogmore Street.


·         Civil parking matters will be the responsibility of the Highways Department from April 2019.


·         An independent company has assessed the Cenotaph and confirmed that it is safe in its current position and had advised that it not be moved.


·         If the war memorials were to be moved to an outdoor location, they would need to be assessed to ascertain whether they would be weather proof or whether they would require weather proofing.


The four options were considered and the Committee voted as follows:


In favour of option 1                        -           5 votes

In favour of option 2                        -           3 votes

In favour of option 3                        -           0 votes

In favour of option 4            -           1 vote


We resolved to support option 1 - Leave the Cenotaph in its current position.



In addition to the presentation by Team Abergavenny, the following items were also raised:


·         Publication by Monmouthshire County Council Highways in the Abergavenny Chronicle and other public information outlets as soon as possible of all proposals for new bus routes, positions of new bus stops, new timetables and when these will come into operation.


It was noted that the Authority was working to address the public transport issues.


·         Consultation with traders on particular proposals for zones for trader street furniture in Frogmore Street from Whitehorse Lane to the A40 needs to happen as soon as possible.


It was noted that the Strong Communities Select Committee had met with traders regarding street furniture location. Street Trader representatives were invited to attend the Select Committee meeting.  The Authority has a countywide policy regarding this matter with flexibility built in.


·         Confirmation is needed that signage for joint usage of delivery bays (after 4.00pm before 10.00am the next morning) by disabled blue badge holders (10.00am - 4.00pm) can occur in Frogmore Street western end by 16th October 2018.


·         The considerable increase in proposed planters in the Phase 3 scheme demands extensive consultation with the Town Council and those managing Abergavenny in Bloom with the full implications for future funding and method of implementation of maintenance explored and resolved by 16th October 2018 ideally and at the latest by January 2019.