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Application for Block Street Trading Consent for Tintern Village Hall


The Licensing and Regulatory Sub-Committee considered an application for a block street trading consent for Tintern Village Hall, Quayside, Tintern, NP16 6SZ, with a maximum of 12 pitches. Where pitches will be based in the car park, garden and play area of the premises.


The application has been made by the Treasurer for Tintern Village Hall Management Committee, who was in attendance at the hearing.


The Committee considered the report produced by the Licensing Officer and reviewed a copy of the application provided by the applicant.


The application was received by the Licensing Authority on 13th April 2023.


The days and times requested by the applicant in the application are as follows:


  • Monday – 10:00–16:00
  • Saturday – 10:00–16:00
  • Sunday – 10:00–16:00


During the hearing, the applicant clarified that it was the intention to hold a monthly Farmers / Local Produce Market between 10.00am and 2.00pm selling food, drink and / or flowers (primarily locally grown / produced in Monmouthshire or the Wye Valley) and to hold Craft Markets approximately three to four times a year where pitches will sell homemade craft items, particularly at Christmas and Easter. The applicant clarified that it was not the intention to operate every Monday, Saturday and Sunday during the year.


The Committee was grateful for this clarification, as this was not clear from the information contained in the application. It was further noted that the application form itself did not allow for this information to be included. This will be reviewed by the Licensing Department.


The Committee noted that the application had been sent to the statutory consultees for consultation, these included:


  • Police Licensing
  • Police Traffic
  • The local Ward Member
  • various departments within Monmouthshire County Council namely, Estates, Highways, Planning and Environmental Health. No representations were received by any statutory consultee.


The Committee noted that there were no representations received by any statutory consultee and that there were no further objections to this application.


The applicant, in their submission to the Committee stated that it was their understanding that there was no opposition to the application from local businesses. The Committee noted this but had to consider there were no letters of support contained within the papers being considered.

The Committee noted that Section 7 of Monmouthshire County Council’s Street Trading Policy 2015 states:


The use shall not be located within 100 metres of an existing shop, restaurant, hot food takeaway those holding a street trading consent and market place (which includes block consents).


The Committee considered Appendix C of the report which shows the distance between Tintern Village Hall and premises which may sell similar goods. The following was noted:


  • Old Filling Station – 27.41 metres
  • Anchor Inn – 162.25 metres
  • The Wild Hare – 82.84 metres
  • Abbey Mill – 69.40 metres
  • Leyton’s Field (Site of Tintern Fete) – 75.03 metres - Tintern Fete takes place annually on Leyton’s Field which is of close proximately to Tintern Village Hall.


The Committee carefully considered whether the local businesses were likely to be impacted by the proposed licence. Particular consideration was given to the nature of the local businesses, the products being offered by those businesses and the frequency and type of events to be held at Tintern Village Hall under the proposed licence and the products being offered.


The Committee also clarified how the site would be monitored, particularly in respect of litter. The applicant confirmed that litter will be managed and monitored at the site but the products to be sold at events are not for consumption on site and any beverages offered will be in re-usable / non-disposable cups.


Following questioning, the Licensing and Regulatory Committee and the Legal representative left the meeting to deliberate and discuss the findings.


Upon re-commencement and in taking into account all of the matters raised, relevant legislation and guidance and all the relevant circumstances of the application, we resolved to grant the application for 12 months.


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