Agenda item

Public Spaces Protection Order for Dog Controls

To scrutinise the latest report before going out to public consultation.


Paul Griffiths introduced the report. Huw Owen and David Jones answered the members’ questions.


Key points raised by Committee members:


  • Clarifying where and when this PSPO would be enforced, and whether ground staff will receive letters informing them that they’re able to enforce it.
  • Whether dogs will be allowed on multi-use fields for events such as fetes, and asking what steps the Council would take to ensure that all residents are informed of the change.
  • Understanding how exclusion areas will fit with an active travel route such as the links from Caldicot Leisure Centre, and how the areas cordoned off for artificial pitches in the Caldicot proposals will affect families wishing to take their dog to see games.
  • Whether the route from Deepweir towards Denny View can be separated, and noting the need to balance reducing dog fouling with overall well-being, given the possible implication for dog owners exercising along footpaths.
  • Asking how wide the consultation has been and how it would take shape if conducted over the summer.
  • Asking if overflowing dog bins can be addressed, and how people can be made to take responsibility for dog mess.
  • Clarifying whether rural commons, rural footpaths and bridleways will be included, and the definition of a ‘lead’.
  • Understanding exactly what enforcement officers will be able to carry out, and how they would stop someone who has no intention of adhering to the rules, even when confronted on the matter.
  • Whether it would be possible to have clearer graphics, and fewer words, on signs.
  • Asking if a registration number could be sent to an enforcement officer, and if that would count as ‘intelligence’.
  • Clarifying how many officers there would be, and whether they would be mobile across the county.
  • Asking if the Monmouth sports field could be fenced off, or a dog exercising area be provided.
  • Asking whether, in the future, dogs could be registered and their DNA recorded.
  • Noting the need to ensure that the authority knows the June and July dates of the Community Council meetings to ensure that their views are sought.
  • Asking how many fixed penalty notices were issued for dog fouling across the county in the last 12 months.
  • Asking if Cabinet will be encouraged by officers to reflect again on the current fixed penalty level, and whether a fixed penalty notice of £100 will be a sufficient deterrent to make progress.




Chair’s Summary:


Thank you to officers for the report and members for their contributions.


  • Concerns about law-abiding dog owners being negatively affected by the exclusion zones, especially with regard to families wanting to include their dogs on family days, attending fetes and the different events that take place around the county.
  • We need to encourage better dog ownership.
  • How rural commons footpaths and bridleways are incorporated is very important.
  • Overflowing dog bins are a huge concern and we need to raise awareness that if there is a dog bin overflowing residents need to be encouraged to take their waste home.
  • We would welcome more collaborative work with Welsh government in tackling puppy farms and irresponsible backstreet dog breeders.
  • Where the two metre lead leaves dog owners in relation to extension leads and dangerous dogs.
  • More simple signage is needed.


Supporting documents: