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Speed limit of 20mph on the B4245

To conduct pre-decision scrutiny on the report and consider the community responses received.


Graham Kinsella and Mark Hand delivered the presentation and answered the members’ questions.




Is this the only change proposed for the Severnside pilot, or are there likely to be others?


On the current amendment order, going to the Cabinet Member on 30th November, the only changes are the 2 stretches shown on the slide in the presentation (those in green, the part-time by Durand primary). Severnside members requested another change on the stretch between the eastern side of Undy and the western side of Rogiet: it’s currently 40mph with a small 60mph section in the middle, with members suggesting that it all be 40mph. This wasn’t included in Amendment Order 5 due to an error, but will be in Amendment Order 7 early in the new year.


The area around Durand primary school is a concern, as the criteria say there shouldn’t be an exception within 100 metres of a school? What about lunchtime in relation to the school and times for the varying speed limits?


The exception criteria reference the distance to the entrance of a school. In this case, Durand’s entrance is just off the B4245, leading to a great deal of discussion. The thinking is that as it’s a primary school, occurrences of unsupervised children leaving at lunchtime will be rare.


How will the changing 20mph be signalled to drivers?


The intention is to sign it with flashing signs: the orange beacons will flash between this time and the sign will say ‘20mph when lights flash’, so it will be clear to all drivers. We consulted with the school and these timings were their preference.


In light of the newly published Welsh Government exception guidance, is it possible that the proposed 20mph in Monmouth will change?


We don’t know at this time but will go away and reply outside the meeting. ACTION TO BE COMPLETED BY MARK HAND ONCE THE REVIEW HAS TAKEN PLACE


Will a review be possible in, say, a year’s time? Especially considering the possibility of unintended consequences e.g. with drivers avoiding the B4245 by going down narrow roads, resulting in near misses.


We are happy to do a holistic review of the B4245 with members. It would be worth meeting fairly soon to start shaping it. As a slight caveat, much of our resource in the next financial year is going to be on implementing the legislative change across Wales.


There is no school sign on the road outside Durand school – can that be looked at?


Yes, this is a good point, we will take that forward.


Will monitoring be in place, particularly concerning drivers creeping back up to 40mph?


There is one monitoring location directly in this area already. We will keep this in place and ensure that 30mph is adhered to. There are induction loops cut into the carriageway throughout both of the pilot areas – they will continue to monitor over the next 5 years.


Will this road be reviewed if the speed limits aren’t working out?


Yes, we would look at that as part of the holistic review.


Will the route from Caldicot to Rogiet generally be 30mph now?


The only stretch being discussed is Woodstock Way up to Castle Gate roundabout – we aren’t looking at any other changes on the B4245. Once in the settlement of Rogiet or Caldicot it will be 20mph, except for those areas just discussed.


How is a house regarded as ‘fronting’? If the back or side of a house faces the road would they be counted? What about houses that front but are set back from the road?


It’s frontage in a more general sense, particularly where the main entrance is located. All of the houses back on to the stretch that we are proposing goes back to 30mph – their front doors and main entrances are the other side. Even with a long front garden, a house would be classed as ‘fronting’. The only difference would be if a home fronts a road but has separate access by a side street/shared driveway/cul de sac e.g. parts of Hereford Road in Abergavenny.


In Gilwern, the road goes from 60mph to 30mph. The biggest problem is that by the time drivers hit the 30 they are going too fast – will there be a problem with drivers dropping from 40 or 50 to 20 in time? Regarding Rogiet, are drivers going from 50 to 20 or 30 to 20?


We note these points. We have attempted to have ‘gateway’ features e.g. roundels on the road, signage clearly indicating 20 and speed indicator devices. Normally, buffers are in place are the speed reduces. In theory, drivers should be doing the limit by the time they hit the area, as there are warning signs beforehand.


Chair’s Summary:


Thank you to members for their comments and for officers in working with Severnside members to find a solution that will benefit residents. This will go to the Cabinet Member for approval on 30th November.


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