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Application DM/2020/00933 - Detached double garage with storage space over. The Gables, Wainfield Lane, Gwehelog, Usk


We considered the report of the application and late correspondence which was recommended for approval subject to the conditions outlined in the report.


Ms. A.M. Smale, objecting to the application, had prepared a video recording which was presented to Planning Committee.  The details of the objection are outlined in the previous planning application DM/2020/01288.


Mr. S. Matthews, applicant, had submitted a written statement in respect of the application which was read to the Planning Committee by a Planning Officer, as follows:


‘I would like to take this opportunity to clarify several points made in relation to the planning application submitted for a double garage with storage space over as follows: -


Ref: - 5.2.4 Residential Amenity


·         We note the comments made in relation to the neighbour’s view of the garage once built. However, we would like to point out that the vast majority of residents within the lane can see each other’s garages. To minimise the view of our garage on neighbouring properties, and in preparation of the development to the property, a Beech Hedgerow was planted. This was selected by the residents of Ty-Gerrig and jointly planted with residents of The Gables. Once fully mature, this should reach a high of between 3m-5m thus minimising the visual impact of any aspect of the garage that can be seen.


·         Unfortunately, the residents of Ty-Gerrig have recently cut at least 0.5 metres off the top of the hedgerow which now means that its growth will be minimised.


·         The size of the garage has been designed to meet the needs of the owner. The property currently has no storage space due to the bedrooms being in the roof space.  Whilst objections have been made about the height the building, the visual impact to neighbouring properties is minimised due to the topography of the land. There are also several other properties on Wainfield Lane with double height garages.


Ref: - Biodiversity / Ecology




Based on the information provided by the planning officer, we believe that the case for objection by some of the residents of Wainfield Lane have no relevance to the development / enhancement of the property, especially given the fact that each property is individualised with no set standard or finish to benchmark against.


The initial works to our property were carried out following full agreement with the residents of Ty-Gerrig, who were initially very supportive. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, this is no longer the case, and whilst the work on developing The Gables is coming to completion, we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of battling to finalise what we hope will be a property that fully complements the other properties on Wainfield Lane.’ 


Having considered the report of the application and the views expressed, the following points were noted:


·         The chimney for the flue will exit the via the garage roof.


·         The validation requirements for the application are satisfied in terms of accurate scaled drawings received.


·         The positioning of the oil tank will be determined via the Council’s Building Control department or via an approved inspector from a building control function.


It was proposed by County Councillor J. McKenna and seconded by County Councillor M. Powell that application DM/2020/00933 be approved subject to the conditions outlined in the report.


Upon being put to the vote the following votes were recorded:


For approval             -           14

Against approval      -           0

Abstentions               -           0


The proposition was carried.


We resolved that application DM/2020/00933 be approved subject to the conditions outlined in the report.



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