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Green Infrastructure Strategy: Pre-decision scrutiny of the strategy


Pre-decision Scrutiny of the Green Infrastructure Strategy


The committee were presented with the draft strategy which is due to be considered by Cabinet on 20th December 2019, full details contained within the presentation attached as Appendix 1.  The officer explained that the strategy is a live document which will be updated to reflect emerging priorities, but intends to provide an overarching framework for green infrastructure and provide a framework that will be helpful for stakeholders and the authority in managing the approach to green infrastructure.






·         We recognise there is a substantial element of volunteering which supports what you intend to achieve. Please can you expand on the volunteer base and how actions will be carried out to support this strategy? 

Volunteering is an integral element and is very much appreciated. The action plan is the critical part that will implement the strategy and needs the ownership of communities and the various groups involved.

·         You refer to the Gwent Levels project and we feel this is very important in terms of the success in implementing this. How deeply you are involved in partnership working with the project?

That is a very important point ~ we are highly involved. We lead on some of the key projects and the proposal is that the strategy will add value to the work of the Gwent Levels Project. The work is fully integrated and we know we are adding value. We are very sure of this and that makes it more rewarding.

·         Please can you explain how the funding streams work?

There wider project is grant funded through a combination of European Union funding monies and Heritage Lottery Funding and is centred around making the Gwent Levels a more attractive place to visit.  There are key elements on the natural environment and community involvement, volunteers and specific events. In the primary hubs, visitors will find some consistent information. Initially, some criteria are set, but then communities are able to input what is required to enhance it.  The projects delivered are legacy projects, for which funding can be sought.

·         We feel it’s vital that the public are aware of the project, even in areas such as the Brecon Beacons National Park. Do you ensure they are updated and can signpost visitors?

Yes, they were involved in the workshops and have inputted into the strategy and we work closely together.

·         We notice that other groups play their part and an example is Llanbadoc Community Council who have produced a good footpath leaflet and the work of their volunteers is to be commended.

Yes, we recognise the need to raise awareness, so the intention is to take the strategy to Cabinet and hopefully it will be approved and then we intend to produce some material to distribute within communities. 

·         How does this integrate with other policies?

This isn’t a separate planning policy, it is part of our overall framework, providing critical information at strategic level but also for the public who may be submitting applications. This provides a broad vision and sets the direction. It sits alongside the Destination Management Plan and is embracing the green economy, looking at the whole range of factors, including social wellbeing and ensures everything is complementary.


Chairs conclusion


We thank you for bringing this to us for pre-decision scrutiny. We have raised some questions which you have fully answered and we are in full support of this strategy which will provide the clarity needed and will ensure our approach is integrated to the work of our partners and communities. We fully endorse that this strategy should be adopted by the Executive and request a further report in due course on the implementation of the action plan.


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