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DM/2019/00280 - Demolition of existing house, detached garage and outbuilding and construction of two detached houses, Thorneycroft, Narth Road, The Narth, Monmouth


We considered the report of the application and late correspondence which was recommended for approval subject to the five conditions, as outlined in the report.


Ms. S. Goodlass, representing objectors to the application, attended the meeting by invitation of the Chair and outlined the following points:


·         The proposal contains aspect that objectors believe are contrary to the following planning policies: Sustainable drainage (LDP Policy SD4 and TAN 15), affordable Housing and the development in minor villages’ policies, Place making and design and the Policy LC4 Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  There are also a number of paragraphs outlined in the Local Development Plan (LDP) that are affected.


·         There is no sustainable drainage system plan.  Though not in a flood zone, Planning Committee is able to consider areas where third parties may adversely be affected by any increased risk of flood or runoff.


·         There are a number of objections to the application indicating that residents have concerns about the drainage levels in that area. The report does not contain any conditions regarding SuDS preparation before a decision is made in respect of the appropriateness of the development in the location.


·         Paragraph 1.4 of the report refers to car parking for a further two dwellings. Residents do not understand this.


·         There are a number of plans that are listed in the report with some inconsistencies.  Therefore, there should be a clear, accurate and consistent set of plans available before a decision is made in respect of the application.


·         It had been identified that the frontages of the properties are similar to those in the local area. The frontages of three nearby properties include integral garages.  However, the proposed properties do not.


·         The footprint, rather than the width of the properties, was originally mentioned in the design and access statement.  However, local residents consider that the proposed dwelling footprints are double those of their immediate neighbours.


·         The landscaping, as outlined in the report, is significant mitigation to all of the villagers concerns about size, scale and visual impact of the development. Residents are concerned that although condition 8 might be placed on the planning conditions, there is very little residents are able to do regarding enforcing the planning conditions.


·         TAN 10 states that the Planning Committee is able to propose Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) to protect and secure any trees or vegetation that is planted to fulfil conditions.


·         Concern was raised regarding an access road through the development leading to a potential future development in a nearby field, which is a candidate site in the LDP.


·         Residents requested that a condition be added preventing access through the development to the candidate site or that the decision should be deferred until the new LDP is published.


Mr. E. Pardington, the applicant’s agent, attended the meeting by invitation of the Chair and outlined the following points:


·         With regard to drainage, there is no evidence to suggest that the development will flood.


·         A comprehensive sustainable urban drainage scheme has been prepared and submitted to the Authority. 


·         The SuDS scheme is based on site and the site will be suitable for soakaway surface drainage.


·         Treated effluent from septic tanks would be via conventional drainage field.


·         All paved areas within the development are proposed to be permeable and will be self draining.


·         With regard to conditions suggested by objectors in connection with drainage, no condition is required as SuDS approval is a separate application process and no development is possible on the site until that has been approved.


·         With regard to the size of the dwellings and the frontages, the Narth is made up of and derives its character from having a mixture of styles and sizes some of which are larger than the proposed development.


·         The existing buildings at the site have a footprint of approximately 180 sq. metres.  The replacement of a single dwelling with two houses will usually result in a significant increase in footprint.


·         The applicant is developing the site as a commercial venture. However, the commercial viability of the project is not yet certain.  In order to maximise the potential market value of the proposed houses it has been necessary to maximise their size.


·         The dwellings have a ridge height of 50mm lower than the adjacent property.


·         This is an area where sub-urban buildings should not be built.  Integral garages are indicative of sub urban development.


·         The applicant values the trees and feels that they are an integral part of the value of the site. The applicant would not object to a condition being added that the existing trees be retained. The trees that are proposed will be conditioned as part of the landscaping proposal.


·         With regard to Highways access and visibility, the road is within a 60 mph speed limit.  However, coming from the village, the alignment of the road restricts the speed of traffic and has been taken into account by the Highways Department.  The Highways Department supports approval of the application.


·         The applicant has no interest in the land to the rear of the site.


Having considered the report of the application and the views expressed, the following points were noted:


·         The southern boundary is closed off with planting terminating at the end of the site.


·         There are no specific tree preservation orders on site.  However, those that have been identified for removal have been considered by the Authority’s Tree Officer who is satisfied with the net gain of planting of a variety of trees on the site.


·         The site is a substantial plot that will comfortably accommodate two additional properties which will remain in keeping with the surrounding area.


·         Ensure a detail of the eaves is submitted and included as approved drawing with a minimum of 150mm eaves over hangs.


It was proposed by County Councillor P Murphy and seconded by County Councillor M. Powell that application DM/2019/00280 be approved subject to the five conditions, as outlined in the report.


Upon being put to the vote, the following votes were recorded:


For approval              -           11

Against approval      -           0

Abstentions                           -           0


The proposition was carried.


We resolved that application DM/2019/00280 be approved subject to the five conditions, as outlined in the report.




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