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Planning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning Committee.

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Information about Planning Committee

The role of the Planning Committee is to guide the council in the formulation of its policies relating to Town and Country Planning and to exercise the powers and duties of the council as the Planning Authority. The committee consists of 16 councillors.


The Planning Committee determines applications under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and related legislation in relation to the following:


  • Planning applications for mineral extraction or waste disposal unless in respect of small-scale works which are ancillary to an existing mineral working or waste disposal facility;
  • Planning applications accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement;
  • Planning applications which represent a significant departure from Structure Plan or Local Plan Policy;
  • Planning applications which, by their scale, nature or location, have implications which extend beyond the limits of the area in which they are situated.


Speaking at a Planning Committee


In order to assess whether you are eligible to speak in relation to a planning application please read the public speaking protocol to understand the rules and criteria which may or may not allow you to make representations.


Public Speaking Protocol at Planning Committee