Agenda and draft minutes

Central Mon Area Committee - Wednesday, 15th January, 2020 10.00 am

Venue: Room P3 - County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk. View directions

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Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.


Public Open Forum


The Committee Members observed a minute silence in remembrance of Samuel Barker, pupil of Osbaston Church in Wales Primary School who tragically lost his life in a road traffic accident.


No Members of the public were present.


Usk Household Waste and Recycling Centre


Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services, County Councillor J. Pratt and the Head of Neighbourhood Services attended the meeting following the decision to review the proposal to close the Usk Household Waste and Recycling Centre to allow for more in depth consultation, to acquire better data and to prepare proposals for a revised report.


Representatives of Usk Town Council explained their commitment to notifying all residents by leaflet drop of what refuse is allowed in black bags with the purpose of improving recycling to acceptable levels.  It was noted that businesses also have to comply with their legal obligation to dispose of waste properly.  There is (unidentifiable) evidence of use of black bags by businesses to dispose of waste to reduce cost.


Some concerns were expressed about arrangements for food waste at the flats on Black Barn Lane and reports of a previous agreement for food waste to be collected in black bags.  It was explained that the authority can provide and assisted services in circumstances when e.g. elderly or disabled residents struggle with bags.


Members commented that education in schools was key to reinforcing the message.  A suggestion of the use of transparent bags was also made.


It was confirmed that, currently, it is difficult to identify the level and types of waste being deposited from outside of the town.


The authority will support and work with the Town Council to come to a solution.  The representatives of the Town Council were appreciative of today’s discussion.


Old Wonastow Road- Issues with residents double parking on the road which blocks access for pedestrians (pictures attached). pdf icon PDF 4 MB

Additional documents:


The Chair raised the issue of residents double-parking on an un-adopted section of Old Wonastow Rd.  The parking, in front of the cottages, is obstructing pedestrian access.


The Cabinet Member recognised the inconvenience to pedestrians and commented that the un-adopted status of the road means that it is not possible to enforce traffic limitations.  It was suggested that the Police may be able to intervene if safety is at risk.


The Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services, explained that the road needs to be brought up to standard before it can be adopted.  Unfortunately, not all properties would be willing to contribute to the associated costs.  This position was confirmed by the Traffic and Road Safety Officer who agreed to contact the Police to request support.


Buckholt Speed Limit Reduction


An update was provided to explain that the road adjacent to Chesil Bank to the boundary has been added to the list for assessment for the next financial year.  CC Roden commented that the proposals have been well received by residents.  It was queried if the proposed 30mph speed limit could be extended North.  It was explained that the road would not meet the criteria for a 30mph limit.


Information was provided about a recent fatal accident which could further highlight residents’ concerns.  Gail Brehany will attend a future meeting with more information.


Routes around St. Madoc's Church, Llanbadoc


Referring to a map of the area, County Councillor V. Smith explained the concerns about the poor standard of the road at the rear of St. Madoc’s Church in comparison with the newly improved car park.  The exit of the road onto the main road also requires maintenance.  Concern was registered about the muddy state of the footpath from Woodside to the Garden Centre.


The Project Engineer (Strategy) confirmed that these items are not on the programme currently but officers will inspect the area. If funding is available, the work will be done.  Feedback will be provided to Councillor Smith.


Matters for Discussion


Link Road crossing


The Traffic and Road Safety Manager advised that there is the possibility of providing a splitter island in the middle of the junction.  Whilst this would not be a controlled crossing, it would assist pedestrians to safely cross at the location.  In response to a question about a perception of a blind corner, it was explained that concave mirrors would are not permitted on the highway but that more work will be done on alignments.  The Chair will present the plans to Monmouth Town Council and the Council’s will have an opportunity to make comments.


Hopper Bus Service - Overmonnow


A response was received from the Passenger Transport Unit Manager that work is still in progress to provide this service within the current services in the Monmouth town area it is hoped to have a new timetable sorted out shortly.


The Chair agreed to chase progress on this matter.


Ward Matters


·         A Member complained about the amount of grass and weeds adjacent to the new crossing on Wonastow Road and also at the new car park in Rockfield citing the negative visual impact for visitors.

·          It was confirmed that Monmouth Town Council will be asked to look at the visibility of a sign on the road to the Castle directing pedestrians to buses.

·         It was confirmed that potholes between Wonastow Road and Kings Fee will be addressed.

·         Concern was expressed about the steps in Rockfield village, used mainly by elderly residents, to access the main road, that are full of rubbish, not maintained and are dangerous.  The pavements at the same location need to be cleared. County Councillor R. Edwards will email the Cabinet Member with more details.

·         It was confirmed that the junction at the Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, is programmed for complete resurfacing and drainage works this financial year.  A pothole in New Market St, Usk was also reported.

·         Potholes on the Wye Bridge, Monmouth, were reported, also that a sign that has slipped down on Osbaston Rd.  White lines on Hereford Rd. require repainting.

·         It was reported, to limit traffic congestion and improve air quality in Usk, that double yellow lines will be painted outside the former fish and chip shop.

·         It was reported that the Group Engineer (Highways and Flood Management) will be meeting shortly to consider the details relating to the Kingswood Gate development to Williamsfield Lane.


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Next Meeting (8th April 2020, 10.00am)