Agenda and draft minutes

Severnside Area Committee (2020) - Wednesday, 29th January, 2020 10.00 am

Venue: Caldicot Town Council Offices, Sandy Lane, Caldicot, NP26 4NA

Contact: Democratic Services 

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Declarations of Interest




Public Open Forum


The Chair invited members of the public present to put questions to the Area Committee, or to raise issues of concern:


·         A resident of Longfellow Road informed the Committee that it had been agreed that double yellow lines would be provided adjacent to Court 7 18 months ago. The Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management stated that a review of all parking orders had been undertaken which had resulted in a halt on all traffic orders which had delayed the implementation of the traffic order adjacent to Court 7.  The backlog of traffic orders was in the process of being cleared.  However, the Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management would investigate this matter and will write to the resident and the Chair of the Area Committee outlining progress in respect of this matter.


·         Magor & Undy Community Council expressed concern regarding the standard of pothole repairs with reports of tarmac being thrown into potholes and the lorry driving over the tarmac to compact it into the hole. The Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management informed the Area Committee that he would raise this matter with the Highways Operations Manager.


·         A point was raised that a Section 50 associated with the Undy Development does not cover the excavation at Undy Church.  The Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management would investigate this matter and will update the Chair of the Area Committee outlining progress in respect of this matter.


·         Similar issues were raised regarding Church Road and the standard of repairs. The Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management explained that this road is due to be resurfaced as part of the Caldicot Regeneration Scheme.


·         Gwent Police representation would be in attendance on an alternating basis at future meetings of Caldicot Town Council and Chepstow Town Council.


·         Gwent Police indicated that representation would be made available to attend meetings of other community councils within the Severnside Area.


·         In response to questions raised regarding anti-social behaviour, it was noted that Gwent Police would be discussing these matters at the Caldicot Town Council meeting this evening.


·         Gwent Police was providing a more visible presence in the Severnside area.


·         Speed checks in 30mph and 40mph areas in the local area had indicated that the average speed was below both speed limits.


·         Cases of anti-social behaviour within the local area were not that high. Cases need to be reported via the approriate channels so that the statistics identified would indicate areas that required attention.


·          There were cases of some vehicles ‘jumping’ the traffic lights at the Station Road / Newport Road junction. The Gwent Police representative stated that this matter could be investigated during regular patrols.  The installation of cameras could be investigated by the Safety Camera Partnership.


·         Gwent Police had increased its stop and search protocol in the local area. Representatives of Gwent Police were shortly visiting Caldicot School as part of its programme of school visits.







Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 73 KB


The minutes of the Severnside Area Committee dated 10th July 2019 were confirmed and signed by the Chair.


Caldicot Town Centre Regeneration Scheme pdf icon PDF 100 KB

Additional documents:


We received a report regarding progress made in respect of the Caldicot Town Centre Regeneration Scheme.


The projects identified are:


·         Caldicot Cross Destination Space.

·         Urban Centre Property Enhancement Fund / Urban Centre Living Fund.

·         Enterprise Hub.

·         Retail Parade (7 – 43 Newport Road).

·         Urban Courtyard Proposal.

·         Pipeline Projects – Church Road.


Having received the report, the following points were noted:


·         Church Road had been identified as a key connecting project between the programme of town centre regeneration projects and Caldicot Castle and Country Park.  The emergence of Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Funding from Welsh Government had required acceleration of the project.  Although discussions had been held with Castle Park School to understand requirements, it was accepted that a lack of information for residents had compounded rumours.  A consultation event for residents was now planned for the third week of February.


·         There is a need to develop active travel routes to encourage the visitors to Caldicot Castle to also visit the town centre. Currently, many visitors to the Castle do not then visit the town centre afterwards.


·         With regard to the Urban Centre Property Enhancement Fund / Urban Centre Living Fund, it was noted that applicants can apply for up to 70% financial support towards projects that meet the eligibility requirements of the scheme.  15 approaches had been made to the Council with eight formal expressions of interest being received. However, it was noted that some concerns had been raised regarding the grant ‘tie-in’ and that they might not get a return on their initial investment.


·         A Stakeholder Group to be established in the town.


·         Plans of the schemes identified can be made available to view at the library or at Caldicot Town Council Offices as part of a drop in session for local people to view.  Highways Officers can be available to answer any queries that local residents might have.


·         The bus shelter on Jubilee Way (on the way to Chepstow) needs to be relocated.  The Group Engineer – Highway and Flood Management would investigate this matter.


We noted the report.




B4245 Traffic Study (Part 2) pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Additional documents:


We received an update on progress regarding the second phase of the B4245 Transport Study.


In doing so, the following points were noted:


·         The outline design for a new footway / cycle route along the B4245 would be undertaken by Capita.


·         Accident rates in the area are lower than the national average.


·         33% of accidents occurred in the dark.


·         The B4245 Traffic and Transportation Review Road Safety Report dated September 2018 had recommended that between Magor and Caldicot, a series of speed surveys are undertaken and consideration be given to the introduction of traffic calming measures. Also, that the existing lighting levels in Caldicot be reviewed.  These matters will be addressed via Stage 2.


·         A detailed plan is being prepared to be submitted to Welsh Government for approval.


·         Drop in sessions in the local area are being prepared in the coming weeks in which local residents will be able to view progress.


We resolved:


1)    to note the changes to the original brief of the B4245 Traffic Study Phase 2 and the current progress and timescales of this commission, as well as other studies currently being undertaken along this corridor.


2)     that a further update report in respect of the B4245 Traffic Study be presented to the April 2020 meeting of the Severnside Area Committee.


To discuss with representatives of Gwent Police progress in respect of a spate of recent crimes in the local area.


This matter was not considered as the representatives of Gwent Police had to leave the meeting early.


Town Team Progress Report


Mr. A Reeks had sent his apologies for the meeting.  Therefore, the Town Team Regeneration progress report would be received at the next Area Committee meeting.


The Area Committee asked that the Town Team provides a written report at the April 2020 Area Committee meeting outlining the Town Team’s finances, as there had been some questions raised regarding the events that had been funded by the Town Team previously, such as Hoggin’ the Bridge and that the Area Committee had not received an update recently regarding funding of more recent events by the Town Team.



Next Meeting


Wednesday 15th April 2020 at 10.00am.