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Submitted by County Councillor M. Groucutt

This council notes and welcomes the very well organised and wholly peaceful rallies recently organised by young people in Abergavenny, Monmouth and Chepstow. It reflects a positive engagement in seeking to improve our society. We congratulate the organisers for their efforts in enabling these events to take place. As a consequence, many hundreds of people were able to show that, whatever the era and whatever the place, Black Lives Matter



Submitted by County Councillor V. Smith

That Monmouthshire County Council should support the construction of a Severn Barrage to ensure security of energy and economic benefit through construction.  A transport route across a barrage would benefit area connectivity



Submitted by County Councillor D. Batrouni

That this Council supports free car parking in all our town centres, in particular Chepstow, Abergavenny and Monmouth, until December 2020. We believe this will give a much-needed boost to our local businesses through this Covid-19 pandemic by encouraging residents to shop locally



Submitted by County Councillor D. Batrouni

That this Council opposes the scheme proposed by Cabinet to offer loans to our schools to cover their deficit positions. The Council believes that instead of saddling our schools and future generations with more debt, the Cabinet should properly fund our schools by making a commitment to increase (at the very least) school budgets in line with inflation



Members' Questions


From County Councillor P. Pavia to County Councillor J. Pratt, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services

Will the Cabinet Member make a statement on the closure of the Old Wye Bridge in Chepstow?



From County Councillor P. Pavia to County Councillor R. John, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People and MonLife

 Will the Cabinet Member make a statement about plans to educate Monmouthshire’s children from the start of the new academic year 2020-21?




From County Councillor P. Pavia to County Councillor R. Greenland, Cabinet Member for Enterprise

Will the Cabinet Member make a statement regarding the review of COVID public-safety proposals implemented by the Council in our towns and village centres the week commencing 22 June 2020?




To confirm the minutes of the meeting of County Council held on 4th June 2020 pdf icon PDF 236 KB


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To exclude the press and public from the meeting during consideration of the following item of business in accordance with Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended, on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Schedule 12A to the Act. pdf icon PDF 158 KB


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