Canlyniadau etholiadau ar gyfer The Elms

County Council Election - Dydd Iau, 4ydd Mai, 2017

The Elms - canlyniadau
Election Candidate Plaid Pleidleisiau % Outcome
Lisa Claire Dymock Welsh Conservative Party 626 67% Wedi'i ethol
Steve Griffiths Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru 302 33% Heb ei ethol
Crynodeb Pleidleisio
Manylion Nifer
Seddi 1
Cyfanswm Pleidleisiau 928
Number of ballot papers issued 935
Nifer y papurau pleidleisio a wrthodwyd 7
Cyfran o'r pleidleisiau (%)
Candidate name Vote percentage Wedi'i ethol
Lisa Claire Dymock 67% Wedi'i ethol
Candidate name Vote percentage Wedi'i ethol
Steve Griffiths 33% Heb ei ethol
Rejected ballot papers
voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to2
being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty3
writing or mark by which voter could be identified2
Total rejected7