Agenda and minutes

Central Mon Area Committee - Wednesday, 11th September, 2019 11.00 am

Venue: Room P4 - County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services 

No. Item


Election of Chair.


County Councillor J. Treharne was nominated and elected as Chair.


Appointment of Vice-Chair.


County Councillor M. Feakins was appointed as Vice-Chair.


Declarations of Interest.




Public Open Forum.


Matters for the Public Open Forum would be addressed under the relevant agenda item.



To receive data from the Buckholt Speed Limit Reduction Group.


We welcomed Gail Brehany who was in attendance to present on behalf of the Buckholt Speed Limit Reduction Group. 


With the aid of a presentation Ms. Brehany highlighted concerns of residents and asked that the Council considers reducing the speed limit through Buckholt on the A466.


We heard that this was not the first application to reduce the speed limit, and was in fact the third time the issue had been officially raised.  It was asked that it not be unheard or ignored on this occasion.


Highlighted points included:


·         40mph limit is a dangerous speed for the road and evidence provided by residents was detailed.

·         Signage can be misleading and unreadable.

·         The road is challenging with limited visibility, blind bends and risks to wildlife, pedestrians and cyclists.

·         Residents have spoken of damage to properties.

·         Restrictions on large, heavy vehicles are not being adhered to.

·         Hedges are not being tended to as the risk is too great to stand on the road.

·         Bad weather increases the hazards.


The Chair thanks Ms. Brehany for the presentation noting that there is clearly a road safety issue. Members were invited to comment.


Councillor Roden acknowledged the hazardous road, adding the dangers to the large number of cyclists that use the route.  He requested that Highways assess the situation and liaise with residents.


Members agreed the effectiveness of flashing speed signs.


The Traffic and Road Safety Manager agreed to consider the requests and would report back to the Committee




To discuss whether there is a need for a safety crossing on the Wonastow Road / bottom of Link Road - request by Monmouth Town Council.


Concerns were highlighted regarding the uncontrolled crossing at the bottom end of the Link Road, a short distance from the junction and speed sign.  The crossing was not considered safe or adequate, as there was not sufficient distance for vehicles to reduce speed.


Suggestion was made that maybe the entire link road should be 30 mph.


The Traffic and Road Safety Manager explained that the project section are currently looking at the area, with a view to implement improvements.


Head of Place-making, Housing, Highways and Flood added that the new development includes a new footpath, and would provide an alternative link.  Discussions are to be held around lighting and surfacing of the footpath.


Officers advised that there needs to be a recognised need to reduce the speed limit, as well as continuing to be mindful of the environment.  40 mph was deemed appropriate. 


In terms of information, the Traffic and Road Safety Manager will share WG guidance with the Committee. Members agreed that further information should be brought to the next meeting.



Matters for discussion:


Hopper Bus Service in Overmonnow. pdf icon PDF 40 KB


Members highlighted the necessity and benefits of establishing a Hopper Bus Service, as is currently running in other areas. The Head of Place-making, Housing, Highways and Flood confirmed that planning contributions can be sought. 


The Cabinet Member added that this is a timely request given that the Council has declared a Climate Emergency, along with the need to reduce car travel and encourage the use of public transport.  She agreed the benefits and would take the request to officers. 


Members also saw this as a way to overcome problems around car parking in the town.


The Chair agreed to liaise with the Cabinet Member and keep the Committee informed.



Disabled Parking Bay, Monmouth.


It was agreed to defer this item due to the redevelopment of Agincourt Square.



The picnic bench and table outside the Gatehouse Public House (for the patrons to use).


Members received an email picture of the issue. Councillor R. Caffel of Monmouth Town Council was in attendance to highlight the concerns of residents regarding the tables situated outside the Gatehouse Public House.  The tables were causing an obstruction and are situated on double yellow lines.  This is resulting in limited access for those with mobility scooters, and pushchairs.  There is also an issue with glasses and litter.


Complaints had been submitted previously but at the time the Trading Boards Policy had been under review.


The Chair noted that there is an opportunity to use the beer garden at the rear of the pub.


Questions were asked why the need for double yellow lines if there is no vehicular access.


It was thought that photographic opportunities were being spoiled.


Members agreed that clarification on the policy was required.


The Chair agreed to write to the Cabinet Member to discuss further.





Coping stones missing from the old Monnow Bridge.


Members advised that CADW are responsible for the coping stones.  The Chair will write to CADW and seek advice.


It was suggested that this matter could be addressed through the Town Council.




Ward Matters.


County Councillor R. Edwards referred to highway issues – lack of repairs and speed limits.  Also missed recycling collections and fly-tipping.


County Councillor P. Clarke advised of the ongoing success of the new Post Office.


County Councillor B. Strong highlighted the success of the bank holiday festival.  He added commendation to Richard Drinkwater on the success of the Post Office.


County Councillor R. John referred to road safety issues on the main road between Raglan and Mitchel Troy.


County Councillor M. Feakins advised of the success of the open weekend at Monmouth Leisure Centre, adding that this is proving to be a valuable asset and the opportunity for free days could be extended.




To confirm and sign the minutes of the previous meeting. pdf icon PDF 55 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 1st May 2019 were confirmed and signed by the Chair.


Next Meeting.

Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 10.00am.


We agreed the next meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th January 2019 at 10am.